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Testimonials for Blue Fire Reiki



My dog Thor, who’s a 12 year old Husky, has been suffering from a very arthritic back that causes weakness in his back legs. He had also developed a lump in his anal region which, although not cancerous, was ulcerating into the surrounding area and would have needed surgery. Furthermore, he would often have seizures in his sleep (thankfully not when he was awake), and he was starting to have urine dribbling issues. As usual, veterinary medicine could only do so much, and so I was very glad to come across Mandi’s website ongoing long-distance healing, she miraculously managed to make the anal lump completely disappear in 1-2 weeks. His seizures have also become rare, and he’s not having urinary incontinence any more. His back and legs need ongoing work but that is expected as those are chronic problems. He now gets 2 weekly long-distance treatments so that his health is maintained and any new issues can be addressed before they manifest physically. I am amazed at what Mandi was able to achieve, and would recommend her to anyone to help heal their pets (and even the people in their family)!  Mandi has since been working on many members of my family both here and overseas for different ailments every week for the last few months.

Dianne May – Brighton SA



“My elderly dog Tess, 14yrs, a little Maltese full of joy and light, had somehow developed  huge eye ulcer which was threatening her sight. The medications she had been placed on were so harsh on her little body, she had stopped eating, was losing fur and quite obviously in a lot of pain every moment. It had been two weeks with no improvement, placed on heavy prescription drugs which can lead to developing Cushings syndrome, and her whole system seemed to be going downhill rapidly.


Then I heard about Mandi and her amazing skills, and she kindly offered to give Tess some Reiki healing. She did a few big sessions on Tess over a couple of days, and I only wish I had taken photos to show you!! After the second day I could see massive improvement in her swelling and bulging and Tess was able to close her eye more easily. By the end of the week it had almost cleared up and she was getting her energy levels and spark back, (this is after two days of Reiki, she had been on medication now that had been so detrimental to her for 3 weeks with no improvement. I could not believe how quickly the ulcer and all the pain (it can be excruciating) cleared up so rapidly. After a vet check, he was so impressed with her recovery and informed us there was ‘minimal scarring, some, but not half as bad as he expected there to be.’.


Sweet Tess could have lost her eyesight, and on the medications was losing her lifeforce and health, but so quickly after the Reiki healings with Mandi she bounced back in days to almost full recovery. (Her eye was scarred slightly, but still has great mouth-eye coordination for her tossed tennis balls!! She could have lost her eyesight completely through the severity of the ulcer, but a year on, at 15yrs old, she is still sprinting round chasing balls like a David Beckham protege!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou Mandi, for your incredible gift of healing you helped Tess with. We are both forever grateful.


Heartfelt gratitude,

Kayla and Tess




( Staffy – Ozzy )


*I can’t begin to thank Mandi from Blue Fire Reiki, for all the healing and support for our family she has openly given over the years. She has helped my family thru a number of medical crisis, especially when my daughter was in ICU for 8 weeks and not expected to survive. (Also see below)




( Zubie )

I don’t think I could have found the energy to get thru that either, caring for my daughter, my newborn granddaughter, my grandson, my father’s cancer and so forth, without the additional healing sent to me every night! My animals have had a number of medical issues too that Mandi was able to ease and thus improve their quality of life. My old Staffy used to meet Mandi at the door and plonk himself down with his back to her, so she could make him feel better, even before she could get in the door!… animals know instinctively when someone is trying to help…

Mandi is truly gifted with a humility and love for mother earth and its’ creatures that you can’t help but sense… Lin Blum – Golden Grove



( Raihan )

I have been a client of Blue Fire Reiki’s Principal Healer and Managing Director Mandi Faerie for over 10 years, and consider Mandi an absolutely vital part of my health management team. Mandi has been able to assist me with addressing and overcoming many health issues (both physical and mental/emotional in origin/manifestation) including matters of addiction eradication, detoxification treatments, immune system support, general health and well-being and health spirituality.

Mandi’s proactive and inclusive approach to healing invites confidence, as does her calm and supportive manner. Mandi is non-judgmental, invites clients’ involvement in their health healing journey, and thoroughly researches treatment plans with client input, prior to instigating same.
Mandi also has a rather rare tool in her healing armory; she treats animals with reiki – very successfully too! Mandi worked very hard to keep my Maine Coon cat Raihan’s right eye intact, when conventional veterinary medicine recommended removal of the eye due to a savage melting eye ulcer (after $2,000 of treatment). Mandi patiently treated Raihan’s over the course of 6 weeks, at the end of which, he maintains two beautifully healthy, working eyes!
I do often – and will continue to do so – enthusiastically recommend Mandi’s healing services across a range of conditions, ailments and reasons, whether to end harmful behaviors and addiction patterns, investigating spiritual peace and paths, shoring up busy modern immune systems or heading out on a totally new health lifestyle, I firmly believe Mandi Faerie’s healing abilities can assist in making the most positive choices for a healthy, fulfilling and extremely enjoyable life.

Avalon Sperring – Forestville SA




*Mandi has provided Reiki healing for my family on many occasions – all with wonderful success. This has included treating my young son for bumps, bruises, and severe colic which he suffered badly from as a baby and was resistant to all other forms of intervention.
Mandi has provided wonderful pain relief to me when I was suffering from pneumonia and pleurisy and her regular sessions helped me to recover from my illness more rapidly than orthodox medicine alone. Mandi is a caring and empathetic practitioner who also displays great professionalism in practice- which is a rare mix to be found in treating professionals.
Signed – Nikki Riley – Brompton SA


( Jean-Luc )

*Hi Mandi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the help you have given to me and my plethora of animals over the years. Your wonderful Reiki has helped so many of us. I wish you every success from here on.

Linda Sperring – Forestville SA