Welcome to Blue Fire Reiki and Meditation with Amanda Faerie

Blue Fire Reiki is a Reiki and Meditation service in Adelaide. We offer in person and long distance Reiki for both humans and pets.


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Client Testimonials


* Reiki Master practitioner, Spiritual Healer / Counselor, Teacher and Guide

* Seichem Reiki practitioner

*Shamanic Energy Healing

* Over 10 years experience in Reiki healing treatments for People and Animals.

* Meditation Practitioner

* Cert II in Animal Studies – TAFE  Veterinary Sciences Centre

* Animal Shelter Hand Certificate

* Member of International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

* National Police Clearance Cert –  working with minors

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ABN  71 823 012 972










*Specialising in Long Distance healing


Reiki can be greatly beneficial for all conditions of the Body Mind and Spirit.

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Blue Fire Reiki


Blue Fire Reiki and Meditation provides:-

* Reiki treatments in person or long distance

* Chakra Energy Balancing

* Spiritual Healing and Counseling

* Reiki Crystal Healing

* Guided Meditations /  Activation’s

– Group and Individual




* Meditations for Addictions and Weight loss

* Mobile Meditations in your own home

* Reiki I, Reiki II  Workshops

* Reiki Masters Workshops

* Animal Reiki Workshops

* Animal Communication Classes

* Animal Grief and loss Ceremonies, Counseling and Spirit Journeys

* Pamper / Nurture packages – ( + Mobile service)





* Animal Reiki Therapy

(Working alongside your Veterinarian as a Complimentary Therapy)









*Special rates available for multi-pet households

* Discounts for Pensioners and Concession

* Mobile Service Available (conditions apply)



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Some of the conditions that may benefit from Reiki Treatments.

* Chronic Tiredness, Insomnia               * Stress

* Anxiety, Depression                              * Addictions

* Childhood Trauma/Abuse                     * Grief, Loss

* PTS Syndrome                                     * Headaches




* Pain Relief

* Neck, Back problems,

* Muscle soreness

* Bone Fractures

* Nerve Damage

* Post Surgery recovery

* Digestive problems

* Asthma and Bronchitis

* Chronic illness

* Neurological problems

* Epilepsy


Animals conditions previously treated with Reiki:
* Nerve Damage

* Spinal/disk Injuries

* Lymphoma

* Tumors

* Eyes-Abscesses and Ulcers

* Post Surgery & Wound Recovery

* Toxoplasmosis

* Neurological Problems

* Epilepsy

* Joint and Ligament damage

* Pain Relief

* Bladder issues

* Past Trauma and Abuse

* Some Behavior Issues

* Anxiety






Some of the conditions that may benefit from Meditation

* Stress and Anxiety Relief

* Pain Relief

* Emotional and physical detoxifying of the body and mind

* Post Traumatic Stress

*Phobias – flying etc

* Insomnia

* Neurological disorders

* Energise your mind and body







* Addictions


*Weight loss








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