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For upcoming workshops please check face book page until site is updated


Services Available:– Human Reiki Healing, Animal Reiki Healing, Personal Meditations, Combined Sessions, Long Distance Reiki Healing, Reiki Workshops:- Reiki I, II, Masters + Animal Reiki I, II + Masters.

*Gift Vouchers available for all services*


Spiritual & Psychic Development Workshops – 2hrs

Will start up again in May or June 2020 6 wk course

(inquire about the next course start date)

Next advanced course will be starting after July 2020


stock-exch-all-seeing-eye-small-1118193_96849999Develop your Intuition, Clairvoyance and Healing capabilities through Breath work, Mantras, Meditation and Psychometry.

Meditations to tap into your Higher Consciousness / Intuition

Psycometry and Card readings

Connecting with your Guides & Angels

Connecting with your Animal Totems

Astral Travel

Gather with like minded Spiritual people and expand your

Spiritual Consciousness

mandala-hand-tiny-sizeStart leading a more Spiritually Aware Life


Cost:- $35


















Animal Reiki Treatments

(In person treatments)


(see Animal Reiki in link below)


Initial Consult                $45

Subsequent                  $40



Initial  Consult                  $35

Subsequent                     $30



*Long Distance Animal Reiki Healing – per 40mins

Initial                 $45

Subsequent      $25

*Specializing in Long Distance Reiki Healing for all conditions




Special discount rate for Multi-pet households.




















Mobile Service Available –

For Metro and some Country Areas

(conditions apply)






Human Reiki Healing Treatments

Session also includes mini Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls  and Shamanic Breath work.


(See “what is Reiki” in link below)




Initial Consult                     $75

Subsequent                       $70


Combined Session:– Personal Meditation + full Reiki Session   $95

(The combined session is especially good for treating many emotional issues including depression and anxiety)



Initial Consult                    $70

Subsequent                      $70










*Long Distance Reiki Healing – per 40 minutes

Initial                 $45

Subsequent      $35

















Pamper / Nurture Gatherings *Host your own gathering*  (Mobile service)

To start the gathering you have a choice of:-

A Healing Journey Meditation,  a Sound and Voice Healing or Indian Chanting Session.

Then a choice of 2 of the following modalities:- Blissful Reiki healing / Chakra Balance treatments, Energy Healing, Head and Shoulder massage, or Psychic Card Readings.






Healing Journey Meditation-

 De-stress, Relax and Re-energise your Body, Mind and Spirit

You can choose your own adventure if you wish or choose from :-  Singing Forest,   Magical Fairy Realm,  Native American Indian,  Tibetan,  Mystical Desert or many others.

Indian Chanting Session – Indian chants have been used for millennia to bring you closer to your true self, enjoy the power of group chanting.



Sound and Voice Healing – Feel the power and transformative energy of sound and song through various tribal instruments being played. Feel your heart song vibrations uplifted and transformed with the tribal instruments and beautiful toning and chanting.


The Host receives a free gift voucher for : –  Numerology or Physic Card reading,  Energy Healing or a Reiki Healing / Chakra Balance at another time.


As a special bonus: if you supply your full name and DOB before the gathering you will receive your Life, Destiny and Soul number on the day.










Gatherings are available on selected – Week Days and Nights plus Weekends

For bookings  Minimum of 6 people including host

(Larger groups can be negotiated)

 Cost:-  $65 per person

Contact:- click on link below to book in






Meditation Nights –

Starting again soon

some selected weekend afternoons


Meditation /Spiritual group nights.

Fulham Gardens area








Join in with the Meditation/Spiritual group

Suitable for beginners and advanced.


Learn the 3 part Breathe work system, then a guided visualization to lead you into a beautiful deep blissful meditation state.

Afterwards we will do some energy work + Q&A. (Each week will be different)

10 Card decks to pick from for guidance

Lovely herbal teas and drinks included

Some selected Weekend Afternoons

By donation TBA



Learn the power and importance of the breath and breathing,

Discover the stillness inside yourself.

Discover your own ability to heal yourself

Discover how simple it is to relax, release tensions, improve your sleep and relieve anxiety








Guided Meditations for

Corporate/Company and Government Orgs

Prices to be negotiated upon application










Community Groups and Organizations 











Weight Loss Meditations

Group Meditation          $25ea

Private Meditation         $50

Combined Meditation/Reiki session  $95






Guided Meditations to stop Smoking

Private Meditation only:-      $50

Combined session:-  Meditation + Reiki   $95






Guided Meditation for Addictions

Private Meditation only:-      $50

Combined session:-  Meditation + Reiki   $95


*New Service – Activations  Cellular and Master

Activation is spoken to client while they receive Reiki through the crown of their head.      Private service only –    $50

*Please note this is not classed as a combined session





Reiki Workshops

Reiki  Workshops –  approx 4 hours, light lunch supplied

Vegetarian, Vegan + Gluten Intolerant catered for

Please see events page for up coming dates of workshops


Reiki I              $175

Concession     $160


Reiki II              $250

Concession      $230




Masters Degree       $360

Concession              $340





*Animal Reiki workshops

*Price upon application:- Must have done Reiki I level first

Animal Reiki – Concession price also available



Animal Reiki II   –  Price upon application

Concession price also available











Animal loss – Spirit Journeys

(3 Different Services)

  •  Animal loss –  Letting go – Spirit Journey
  • Animal Loss / Grief  –   Letting go Sacred Healing Ceremony
  • Animal Loss / Grief – Spirit Journey + Vet Clinic Support


* This is a very specialized service done with dignity and grace *



Are you having a difficult time dealing with the passing of your loved pet?


This new services may help you deal with the loss and grief with dignity and grace





Animal loss –  Letting go – Spirit Journey

Healing Spirit and Soul *

This service involves a setting up of a

Beautiful Loving Sacred Healing Space

for the Spirit of your much loved pet.

To send off on their Spirit Journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

Cost is $45



Animal Loss / Grief  –   Letting go Sacred Healing Ceremony includes:-

  • Healing and sending off the Animal Spirit/Soul over the Rainbow Bridge.
  •  Shamanic Reiki Healing session for the owner.
  • Grief and loss support counseling
  • Cost – $130






Animal Loss / Grief – Spirit Journey + Vet Clinic Support

  • Healing and sending off the Animal Spirit/Soul over the Rainbow Bridge.
  • A Special Letting Go Ceremony and a full Shamanic Reiki Healing session for the owner.
  • Grief and loss support counseling
  • Vet Clinic Support ( in person )

Cost – $170



For more information on these services please contact Amanda











*(Prices may be subject to change for all services in the future)*