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Reiki Healing – Long Distance Human – Initial Consult


Blissful Reiki Healing

for Stress and Pain Relief

For all conditions of Body, Mind and Spirit

Session time 50mins

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Product Description

Blissful Reiki Healing for stress and pain relief

– For all conditions of Body, Mind and Spirit –

A lot of my practice is via long distance healing & I have been asked before “Does distance Reiki really work?”. The answer is a huge resounding Yes

As a Reiki Master of over 12years I have the Master Reiki Symbols as my tools for long distance energy healing.   I use these symbols to tap into the Hermatic Law of Universal Energetic Energy.     One of these being the specialised long distance symbol;  the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen.   This symbol allows the Reiki practitioner to send healing across space and time

If you think of the “power of prayer” works largely because we believe can send people and animals our blessings, love and intentions, connecting through the power of who ever our God may happen to be to us. I believe strongly that Reiki works on similar principles.  Thus using the Universal Life Force Energy (the source of Reiki energy) can be compared to be the same as “Gods energy”

People I have worked on report back that the same Reiki benefits after a long distance session similar to an in person session. The have spoken of feelings of happiness, relaxation, stress and pain relief. I have also had great success with clearing negative energy between partners and family members. Some of my clients felt their energetic experiences are even a more powerful as they were not physically present with me.  I have also picked up other issues that the client wasn’t aware of as the long distance treatment is very intense.

I started with long distance Reiki healing with people and had so much success that it was a natural progression to animals as well

Initial Long Distance Session 50mins