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Reiki Healing Animals – Subsequent Consults


Beautiful Beneficial Healing Energy

for Animals – both Physical and Emotional Ailments.

Session time 40mins

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Product Description

Beautiful Beneficial Healing Energy for Animals

(For explanation of Long Distance Healing –

please see – Reiki Long distance Healing People)


Long Distance Reiki Healing with Animals is one of the most rewarding modalities I know.  My 1st really rewarding experience with an animal was for a melting eye ulcer. The owner contacted me saying the Vet was going to remove the cats eye and asked me to help save the eye. After spending $2,000 on other treatments she was at the end of her options. I did approx 6 long distance treatments and he still has both of his very beautiful eyes.

Rai Selfie + me small It would have been extremely hard to physically hold my hand over his eye for a full treatment – that is why the long distance treatment option is so beneficial for that type of ailment.

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I also find it useful during a long distance treatment with an animal to have a chat if its needed. An example is of an owner who has a lot of rescue animals and her newest one had an eye infection, she had tried to put ointment in his eyes but he wouldn’t have a bar of it or let her touch him. So she rang me and asked if I could do a treatment on his eyes.

During the long distance treatment I talked to him in images and emotions showing him images of her wanting to love him and that she really needed love too.

The owner sent me a text message 15mins after commencement of the treatment and asked what did I do!?! As he had jumped right up into her lap and let her stroke and touch him.

Long distance Reiki for Animals is extremely beneficial for any animals for any physical or emotional issues eg: Anxiety, Behavior Issues, Past Trauma or Abuse – both physical and mental.

For animals with chronic or terminal conditions I quite often advise to split the treatment in half eg:25mins on day and 25mins on another – this gives the animal more consecutive treatments for maximum benefit.

Subsequent Consults – Session time 40mins