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I have had many amazing experiences over the last year with different clients.

Since helping many animals with their transition with their spirit journey I have been able

to tap into the universal consciousness on a much deeper level.

This has enabled me on many occasions to be able to see inside people’s bodies – blood vessels, tendons, ovaries, spines, nerves and synapses in the brain. It’s an amazing to be able to see these things. Below I have shared a few experiences I have had recently.


For one client who has Fibromyalgia – When I was working on her head when I saw a sticky plaque like substance sliding off her brain. After the session I told her what I saw and asked her how much the brain plays a part in the Fibromyalgia. She said that she had bad brain fog a lot of the time, along with severe headaches. She reported the next day that the brain fog had disappeared and the headaches greatly decreased.

I have a great interest in neuroplasticity in the brain and had done a lot of reading and watching of documentaries for people suffering from strokes, dementia and other neurological disorders.

It’s a fascinating field of study.





Another client who came to me for depression and bi-polar issues was a very interesting one!

Near the end of the session when I went back to work on his head I saw a long vine looking thing that had a pod on the end; which was releasing a chemical into his brain. I realised it was a gland which was causing his bi-polar symptoms. I did a lot of healing on the gland to calm the problem and he has reported feeling so much better on many levels.


A client who had issues with intestinal bleeding came to me and I was able to look through her intestines until I found a red glowing hot spot. I cleansed and worked on the area until it looked clear and then kept going with the session. The client was going for a colonoscopy at the end of the week to try to find the source of the bleeding and she reported to me the next day that the bleeding had stopped. When she had her colonoscopy nothing was found – one very happy client!


Copper the wonder dog

Copper ruptured a disk in his upper spine between his shoulder blades, jumping off a bed. This caused terrible nerve damage; which affected both of his back legs – which were totally paralysed as was also his tail.

Copper was worked on by a dog massuer, dog chiropractor, and dog acupuncturist for between 4 to 6 weeks.

At this time the owner was told by the Vet  that there was nothing more they could do for him and that he would never recover the use of his back legs. It was awful to see Copper with his bright little spirit dragging around his back legs, and having to have help to the toilet.

The owner was devistated and did not want to give up on his beloved pet.

I started visiting Copper on a weekly basis for home Reiki visits and 2 long distance treatments a week. I was using the new technique i had developed for helping to heal bone fractures – hoping it would do the same for nerve damage.

Slowly bit by bit Copper started to recover – it took 6 months but he now has 80% use back in both of his back legs. It is so gratifying to see him running around now and wagging his tail.   He is truly one of my best works.

(Copper pictured above – photo taken in May 2012)



Grandma – broken leg and open heart surgery

I have worked on this beautiful grandma for many years. Over that time I have developed a unique system of helping to heal bone fractures and post wound recovery. This was first developed when she had a fracture in her spine and then later a broken leg. After the operation for the broken leg – 2 weeks later she had to have open heart surgery. I treated her  with a weekly visit + 3 long distance treatments a week.
She just celebrated her 93rd birthday and is very happy and well

*I also use this unique technique to help heal nerve damage in the body


Phoebe – amazing recovery (June 2012)

Phoebe was a rescue dog and belongs to a lovely lady called Linda; who rescued her about 2 weeks before this photo was taken. Phoebe is an ex puppy mill dog and was abandoned by the side of the road  when she was no longer able to produce puppies.

Phoebe is mostly blind and had shocking dental abnormalities,along with defected claws on her paws. Linda has an amazing vet who said they would do the total multiple operations of de-sexing, dental, eye and claw work for $500.


Linda raised the money for Phoebes multiple operation via face book with the kind donations of many people.

During the operation in the de-sexing part of it, the vet found that her ovaries were pre-cancerous and that she also had multiple mammary tumors.


You can imagine how Phoebe would have felt after waking up after this multiple operation.


( Phoebe just after her operation )


As soon as Linda bought her home, I started the intensive long distance Reiki healing on Phoebe over the next 48hours.  As of yet I have not met her – only via photos. Her owner kept in touch with me during the whole process via sms updates and photos of her progress.







( Phoebe – 72hrs after her operation)


Slowly becoming more more perky now









( Phoebe – recovered 96hrs later )



Phoebe is now happily running around ruling the roost!

I look forward to meeting her one day soon…..










Dog with bottom cancer + neurological issues

I  treated a lovely dog called Tex with Reiki a couple of years ago for cancer around his bottom, he also was receiving excellent treatment from a veterinary clinic at the time.

His cancer cleared up totally – more recently he developed what the owner originally thought was rheumatism; but this  turned out to be a neurological problem where his brain signals were getting mixed up with his back legs – so he was unable to walk in the end.

He was receiving excellent care by a Vet/dog chiropractor but in the end due there wasn’t much more that could be done.  I did a home visit treatment on him not expecting too much, but the owner said after i left he got off the couch, walked outside for a wee. She had previously been having to carry him out. I was amazed he was able to walk.
Unfortunately though because of his advanced age and constant care sadly the owner and Veterinarian decided it was best to let him go. RIP Tex xx



Cats right eye saved from Melting Ulcer

( Raihan )

This beautiful Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest Cat cross was in danger of losing his right eye to a raging melting Ulcer. After a few long distance Reiki treatments he has the most beautiful clear healed eye.

please see full story in client testimonial link below



This cat belonged to a friend at the time – he eventually had trouble dealing with being in a multi-cat household and  has now been rehoused with me – much to my delight – he is an amazing cat!

Totally spoilt now though, being the only cat ….he is so boss of the household  (so he thinks anyway)


His favourite spot is to lie on your chest purring his head off while he gets a good dose of

hands on Reiki.

Rai is now also the poster pin up boy for this website ha!


More best work to be posted at a later date

Peace and light xx